Adzerk Joins EFF's "Do Not Track" Coalition, Becomes First Online Advertising Company to Adopt New Privacy Standard

We are excited to announce that Adzerk has joined forces with the Electronic Frontier Foundation to implement their new "Do Not Track" standard for web browsing as an option for our customers.

EFF and privacy company Disconnect launched the standard last month, and today Adzerk joins privacy-focused companies such as Medium, Mixpanel, AdBlock, and DuckDuckGo in their commitment to better protect users from sites that try to secretly follow and record their Internet activity.

What is Do Not Track?

DNT is a preference you can set on Firefox, Chrome, or other Web browsers as well as in the iOS or FirefoxOS mobile operating systems. Setting the DNT flag signals to websites that you want to opt-out of tracking of your online activities. It works in tandem with software like Privacy Badger and Disconnect, which not only set the flag but also block trackers and ads that do not respect it.

Tracking by advertisers and other third parties is ubiquitous on the Web today, and typically occurs without the knowledge, permission, and consent of Internet users. However, you can see the evidence of this tracking when the online ads you see on one site seem to be based on what you looked at on another site. Meanwhile, the underlying records and profiles of your online activity are distributed between a vast network of advertising exchanges, data brokers, and tracking companies.

"Many websites get much of their operating revenue from online ads, yet the groundswell of discomfort from users about how their private information is being collected and used is leading to a boom in ad-blocking technologies. We need to find a way for privacy and advertising to work together," says Adzerk CEO James Avery. "The new Do Not Track gives us a way to provide publishers with ads that respect users' privacy and online choices, and which as a result will be visible in more users' browsers".

How is Adzerk implementing DNT?

Adzerk is the first online advertising company that is offering its customers the ability to opt-in to using DNT, which would pass the extra tracking protection on to our customers' users.

We will enable DNT on a customer-by-customer basis. They have two options:

  • An "Honor DNT" setting that meets the EFF requirements for individual users
  • A "Super DNT" setting that takes effect across a customer's entire account

For customers using Honor DNT, Adzerk will not set advertising cookies in a user's browser if they have chosen to enable DNT in their browser. We also won't store users' IP addresses in our logs for added security. This allows publishers and app developers to commit to their users' privacy while also enhancing advertising opportunities for users who consent to their data being shared, which is a win-win for all parties.

The Super DNT setting takes place for every user that views an Adzerk user's web properties, whether or not they have DNT enabled in their browser. This setting is ideal for customers who want to serve advertising but also want to assure users that they have no intent to engage with their personal data.

"Adzerk is an important new member of the Do Not Track coalition, helping to protect millions of Internet users and others from stealthy online tracking and exploitation of their reading history," says EFF Chief Computer Scientist Peter Eckersley. "We are thrilled that consensus keeps growing in the online advertising community: clear and fair practices are essential not only for privacy, but for the ongoing health of the industry."

What's next?

If you are an Adzerk customer and would like to enable DNT for your account, please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss the next steps for getting you set up.

Interested in serving ads through Adzerk? See what our ad server can do and get in touch with us to start your free 30-day trial!

If you'd like to learn more about the details of DNT, vist the EFF's site.

Adzerk Expands to the West Coast with a New Business Development Manager

Adzerk has been rooted in the Durham startup scene since we began. Even before we launched our public Beta in early 2011, we've had an office of some sort (some more closet-like than others) in downtown Durham. And we intend to keep our headquarters here.

But the vast majority of our customers (and future customers) aren't based in the Triangle.

We've always had great trips flying to New York or San Francisco for onsite meetings or attending events like LAUNCH Festival. But Adzerk continues to grow very fast, and as we expand it's become clear that we need an permanent presence in the Bay Area with its own team members.

Adzerk customers are innovation-minded publishers and app developers, and the bulk of them are either based in San Francisco or have their own offices in the area. It makes for a better working relationship when a customer or future customer can walk down Market Street for an in-person meeting instead of hopping on a conference call or taking a six-hour flight to RDU.

That's where Dylan Hulser comes in.

We worked with him when he was a sales planner and strategist at Reddit, and now he becomes the first team member in our San Francisco office as a Business Development Manager. As part of the sales team, Dylan will be working with our inbound leads, discovering new opportunities, and representing Adzerk at Bay Area functions. If you're in the neighborhood, you can welcome Dylan aboard at dylan {at} adzerk {dot} com.

Incidentally, Adzerk launched at LAUNCH Festival back in 2011, and we've returned every year since as sort of homecoming. So in some ways, getting a San Francisco office is a return to our roots.

Stay tuned as we add more West Coast Adzerkers...

Introducing the Adzerk Android SDK

Adzerk ad server Android SDK

Listen up, Android developers! Integrating a first-class ad server into your app just got a lot easier.

The Adzerk Android SDK enters public Beta today. It provides a simple way to integrate Adzerk ad serving and UserDB ad targeting into Android apps. This is an open source project hosted on Github, so don't hesitate to fork away and send us feedback.

How does it work?

The SDK is distributed via Gradle. To get started, simply add a single line to your build.gradle file, and you'll get the ability to place Adzerk ads anywhere in your app.

We have full installation instructions in our knowledge base.

Usage details are hosted on the Github project page.

What can you do with it?

The SDK replicates the functions of the Native Ads API: you can make an ad request to Adzerk containing multiple ad placements and get a callback for the response. We will then return a set of one or more ads that you can display in your app.

You can also call the UserDB API to read users' data and store and access custom properties.

The Github project includes a sample app that gives you an example of how to integrate Adzerk ads into a working app. Be sure to try it out to get a feel for Adzerk ads in a live environment— we promise that cute cat pictures (and Viking quotes) are involved.

Learn More

You need to have an Adzerk account before you can begin requesting ads with the Android SDK. Get in touch with us to get started.

Did you know Adzerk also has a Ruby wrapper and a Python plugin maintained by Reddit? Pass the word along to your non-Java friends.

We also have an iOS SDK (heresy!) in the works. Check this blog for details to come.

The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.

Why Adzerk Is Your AdJuggler Alternative

We've heard the news - AdJuggler has gone the way of the dodo. So while you're scrambling to find a new place to serve your ads, we invite you to demo the Adzerk ad platform. We're proud to provide the ad serving infrastructure for internet heavyweights like Stack Exchange, Reddit, BitTorrent, Imgur, Newsmax, and many others.

Adzerk Makes It Easy To Get Started.

Serving ads using our JavaScript ad tags takes only a few minutes to set up. We have a a getting started guide that describes the full process. And if you have questions, just email our support team based out of Adzerk headquarters.

Adzerk Is Easy To Use.

Trafficking ads shouldn't be hard, and the Adzerk interface is built around the needs of actual ad ops and ad sales teams. Getting a campaign live takes minutes, and pulling reports takes seconds.

Adzerk Has All The Basic Ad Serving Features and Much, Much More.

While all the basic publisher ad server features are included, Adzerk is designed to meet the custom needs of our varied clients. We have APIs for ad serving and ad management, a direct integration with RTB partners, a User Database for storing first-party data, behavior targeting, retargeting, email ad serving, sales management tools...

Adzerk Will Scale With Your Traffic.

Never worry about demand to your site bringing down your load times. Adzerk is super robust, maintained 24/7 by our DevOps team.

Adzerk Has Awesome Support.

We don't call ourselves the best support in the ad industry for nothing. We work one-on-one with our customers to help them succeed, and we'll go above and beyond to make sure their needs are met.

Like What You See?

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