What % of publishers do header bidding?

This month, 758 HBIX sites did header bidding, up 1 site from last month.

Movement of bidders
Exchange Sept Oct Change
GumGum 4.0% 5.2% +30%
TripleLift 7.7% 8.6% +11.7%
Kargo 6.4% 7.0% +9.4%
Facebook 8.3% 7.9% -4.8%
Criteo 38.5% 36.5% -5.2%

Here are the largest month-over-month bidder movements (min: 50 instances).

Header bidding usage over time


What bidders are publishers using?

This looks at the top exchanges that publishers are pinging. It's total instances seen divided by 1,000.

Top bidders over time

This follows the top bidders since Jan 2018 and is the number of instances found divided by 1,000.


What wrappers are publishers using?

This looks at the top client-side wrappers that publishers are using. It's total instances seen divided by 1,000.

S2S Wrappers/Bidders Over Time

This follows the top non-Amazon S2S header bidding endpoints since Jan 2018 (min: 10 instances).

Additional Stats

Avg # of bidders over time

This looks at the average number of bidders per header bidding publisher over time.

Avg bidders by wrapper type
Wrapper Type Avg # of Bidders
3rd Party Vendor (excludes Index Exchange) 8.04
In-House 6.53
Total Avg 6.35
Index Exchange 5.85
No Wrapper 1.34

This looks at how many bidders on average each wrapper type has. 3rd-party vendors (excl Index) are more likely to add in more partners than publishers with in-house wrappers.

Industry stats
Header bidding adoption
across Top 10K US Sites
of all header bidders
use a 3rd-party wrapper
What codebase do client-side wrappers use?

A majority of all client-side wrappers are built on Prebid.

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