Promote content wherever you want

Since everything is done server-side, you can use Adzerk's APIs to build a platform that promotes whatever content you work with. That could be standard desktop banners, mobile videos, personalized coupons in e-mails, a digital billboard in a VR app, and so on. With Adzerk, there's no limit to what you can promote.

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Multiple APIs provide the flexibility to build exactly the product you want

Think of Adzerk like a box of Legos: our infrastructure tools let you build, test, and tweak any content promotion product - with flexibility around pricing, look/feel, targeting, pacing, and much more.

API Docs
Cost Savings

Saves time and money

Other ad servers are difficult to customize, yet building a content promotion platform in-house is expensive and time-consuming. Fortunately, by connecting to Adzerk's APIs, you can build a platform in a fraction of the time and cost as doing it from scratch. Our request-based pricing model (versus revshare) also makes it profitable for you to scale.

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2 months
Yearly Adzerk Base Cost
18 months
200M Server Requests
Certifications & Audits
Data Services & Bot List
3 Ad Tech Engineers
Massive Savings

Thats 85% savings and a year plus of dev time

Adzerk Benefits

A fully supported and maintained cloud solution

Keep building an awesome core business while staying confident Adzerk can support your content promotion platform.

99.99% API Uptime

We’ve been doing this for a decade - we know how to keep the system running

Fast Response Times

APIs and flexible server locations ensure fast response times and minimal latency

Dev Support On Deck

You’ll be teamed with support engineers, software engineers, and account managers

GDPR Compliant

We have the tools to block EU PII and collect and honor consent

Enterprise Security

We've got SOC 1 and SSAE 16 certifications, VPCs, SAML, and more

From our Customers
We didn’t have to build an ad platform from scratch because of Adzerk’s APIs. Their tools solved our problem well.
Andrew Kuklewicz, CTO, PRX
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