Strava promotes internal content with Adzerk’s APIs

Strava promotes internal content with Adzerk’s APIs
"Adzerk’s APIs let us easily build a platform for promoting internal content in a user-friendly way. It's a really powerful tool."
Andrew Touchstone, Director of Marketing

More Revenue From More Engaged Users

  • Strava ran native units to drive app reviews - leading to a 7x daily growth in number of reviews
  • 90%+ reduction in dev time vs building promotion platform from scratch

Strava's Challenge & Solution

Strava needed to serve user-tailored in-feed content to promote community engagement. They used Adzerk's Decision API to build native units that (1) looked like organic content and (2) linked to internal pages.

Strava was able to tailor ads based on the user’s interests. Adzerk's UserDB became their own DMP for targeting based on demographics and past behavior. Adzerk's Targeting APIs allow for targeting around location, interests, any key/value pair, relevance, and much more.

Strava wanted to release their solution quickly. The Adzerk cloud platform provided all the tools they needed to launch the platform in just weeks.

Strava's content promotion example